KGHV Series Hydraulic Shearing Machine
we are supplier of KGHV Hydraulic shearing Machine
Kawa introduces Variable Rake angle Hydraulic shearing machines incorporating latest manufacturing technologies with the capacities ranging from 4 mm to 25 mm and lengths from 2000 to 4000 mm with several optional features like motorized blade gap adjustment, ball transfers, extra long squaring arm, front sheet support, auto lubrication, auto adjustment of cutting force, and also CNC control systems to make the operation completely automatic
Optional Accessories :
1. Mororised back gauge with led display
2. Sheet stacker
3. Sheet conveyor
4. Oil for power pack
5. Motorized blade gap adj.
6. Bakk transfers.
7. Extra long squaring arm
8. Front sheet support
9. Auro lubrication systems
10. Automatic adjustment of cutting force in holdown jack.
11. CNC Control for automatic operation of matorized back gauge, blade, angle setting, blade gap setting & cutting length control.
Standard Accessories :
1. Electrical :
  A Main motor
  B Control panel mounted on L.H. side of the machine.
  c Control panel with lnching single & continuos mode oc operation.
2. Stroke length control
3. Holdown cylinder
4. Manual back gauge.
5. Squaring arm 900 mm.
6. Manual blade gap adlustment
7. Centralized lubrication, systems with hand pump.
8. For edges HCHCr blades suitable to shear M.S. & S.S. materials.
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