SR- Series Power Press
Kawa" introduces super rigid series presses in C frame construction for heavy duty production work incorporating such standard and optional features to make them unique production machines, like automatic Centralised lubrication; hydraulic overload devices electronic operator safety devices, pneumatic die cushion; six point guiding systems; stroke counters; die lifting devices; single tool die holder etc. Presses are available from 10 tons to 250 ton capacity. Special executions are also possible to meet individual production requirements.
High grade casting, High strength iron. More resistant to deflection steel.
Knock-out system
Standard on all presses. Complete system - not just procision for adding later.
Die height adjustment
Standard on all presses is amanually die height adjustment assembly. Management keyed lock prevents unauthorized adjustment.
Hydraulic overload protector
Built into the slide and designed to limit capacity at any time during an overload condition, extremely fast acting and adjustable.Protects press from overload damage and allows for the safe use of smaller capacity tooling.
are supported on all corners by a six (6) point gibbing system. Two back corners have four (4) point right angle gibs, while the front corners have 45 degree gibs to fullyl support the slids to fully support the slide on all sides.
Motorized die height asjustment
die heighr adjustment assembly within the slide is powered by a rugged, shock resistant motor. Management keyed lock prevents unauthorized adjustmrnt. Connection threads are constantly bathed in oil to prevent contamination.
Clutch and brake
Heavy-duty, low-inertia clutch and brake assembly, extremely low noise level and long operating life with minimal maintenance.
Oversized adjustable stroke crankshart is forged from special alloy steel. Its shape, dimenate stress concentrations and metal fatigue.
Main gear
Single reduction helical gear runs in an oil bath for constant lubrication and noiseless operation.
Drive layout
The larger main gear and flywheel enable a press to generate more power and energy at a much lower flywheel speed. Since the cluth and btake asswmbly is separate from the gears, both are more accessible for easier maintenance. Bronze bushings on each side of the crankshaft and connecting fod balance the reactions to the frame. Both ends of the flywheel shaft are supported by heavy duty roller bearings.
Adjustable pneumatic die cushion
Externally-guided pneumatic die cushion with double chamber construction. Maximum tonnage with minimal space. Easy to mount and no maintenance. Tonnage is fully adjustable.
The heavy rigid frame is constructed with extra thick premium qualith, ho;t rolled steel plate. Each plate is beveled on all adutment edges in order to produce full penetration welds. The entire fabricated structure is stress relieved. The side frames are reinforeced by two extra thick and deep gussets to form a tripld lamination on both sides of the top and bottom of the gap.
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